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Transportation Services

indiGO is a non-profit agency empowering people with disabilities in Northwestern Wisconsin. As a consumer-controlled organization, at least 51% of our staff and board are people with disabilities. indiGO staff provide information, training, and support to people with disabilities in making informed decisions about disability-related needs.

All services are consumer-controlled and each individual decides which services they wish to participate in while working with staff to establish goals and determine steps to meet those goals.

Transportation Voucher Program

You’ll receive vouchers used like checks to reimburse drivers for travel you need.

Additional transportation options may be available to meet your needs.

You’ll develop your own individualized transportation plan which includes your monthly funding allocations for voucher program travel.

You recruit your own drivers.

Public transit rides are not eligible for reimbursement.

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Participants must have a disability or be 65 or older with barriers to transportation and reside within the eight counties in Northwest Wisconsin served by indiGO and within geographic areas in which public transportation or paratransit services are not available or, if available, do not adequately meet the needs of the consumers due to hours or days of operation, limited service area or other service limitation. 

Participants’ income must fall below 200% of the federally-established poverty guideline.

Map of North Western Wisconsin Counties Serviced by indigo

2021 Income Guidelines

Persons in Family or HouseholdMonthlyAnnual

Volunteer Driver Program

Our volunteer drivers provide transportation for the elderly and individuals with disabilities to medical appointments, grocery stores, social activities, church, and other important independent living activities. Drivers may give rides any days that they are available and are reimbursed mileage at the current federal rate of 58.5 cents per mile to and from their home.

We specifically could use drivers in the Ashland, Hayward, Minong, Mellen, and Solon Springs areas but all locations are welcome.  Trips may be local in nature or further away. Drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, and pass a background check.

Other Transportation Options

Interested in learning more about other transportation options in indiGO’s eight-county service range? Learn more about transit providers in Northwestern Wisconsin and surrounding tribal communities.

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