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Independent Living​

indiGO is a non-profit agency empowering people with disabilities in Northwestern Wisconsin. As a consumer-controlled organization, at least 51% of our staff and board are people with disabilities. indiGO staff provide information, training, and support to people with disabilities in making informed decisions about disability-related needs.

All services are consumer-controlled and each individual decides which services they wish to participate in while working with staff to establish goals and determine steps to meet those goals.

Information & Referral

indiGO provides information about disability-related issues, resources, and services to people with disabilities, families, professionals, and the general public. Staff, the majority of whom are people with disabilities themselves, are available to listen and assist with locating resources and developing strategies for individuals to resolve barriers including, but not limited to the following areas:

Housing Issues

Transportation Resources

Employment Issues

Benefits & Funding Resources


Discrimination & Legal Rights

Finding Adaptive Equipment for Independent Living

Community Support & Services

Information and Referral services are integral to promoting empowerment for people with disabilities by supporting an individual’s capacity for increasing their independence.

I&R is also the gateway into other services at an ILC. Staff have a wide range of expertise and will follow up – on the phone, in person, and by email or social media – to make sure useful and accurate information and resources are provided.

Peer Support

The Certified Peer Specialist’s main goal is to provide support to people with disabilities through the use of staff and trained volunteers who experience similar issues in daily living. Disability-related support groups are also offered.

Focus on Recovery

Promote Wellness

Facilitate Self-Direction

Foster Independent Living

Enhance the Ability of Service Recipients to Achieve Their Chosen Goals

Peer Specialists are examples of recovery with experience and training. Consider a rewarding career experience by becoming a Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist.

Interest in becoming a Peer Specialist, hiring a Peer Specialist, or need to request an employer guidebook?


indiGO provides a selection of services related to Advocacy in the Independent Living sector.

Instuction on Self-Advocacy

Engagement in activities designed to affect positive change in local, state and federal systems for persons with disabilities.

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Independent Living Skills Training

Individuals or groups identify goal(s) that they would like to work on such as:

Self Advocacy

Money Management

Household Maintenance


Time Management

& even more

Independent Living staff will work with the individual or groups at the indiGO office, in their apartment/home, or in the community to empower them to achieve their goals.

Transition Services

indiGO provides a selection of services related to Transition Services in the Independent Living sector.

Facilitates the transition from nursing homes and other institutions to residential and community based living.

Provides assistances to those at risk of entering an institution.

Facilitates the transition of post-secondary youth with disabilities into education, the workforce and the community.

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Assistive Technology

indiGO maintains a Loan & Demonstration program with over 1,200 pieces of Assistive Technology for individuals with disabilities to try out. A wide variety of equipment is available, including kitchen aids, dressing aids, vision aids, communication aids, signaling devices, magnifiers, assistive listening devices, amplified phones, adaptive recreation aids, and other devices for increasing independence. Partially supported by WisTech, Wisconsin’s State Assistive Technology Program

Partially supported by WisTech, Wisconsin’s State Assistive Technology Program.

Most items are available for loan to consumers for up to 30 days for try-out evaluation. Some items, such as computer hardware or software, are only available for demonstration.

Integrated Employment

indiGO provides a selection of services related to Integrated Employment in the Independent Living sector.

Individual employment services for people with disabilities who wish is to find integrated employment in their community.

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Benefits Counseling

indiGO will explain work incentive criteria that will allow an individual to maximize their income and benefits. Additionally, indiGO will help assist the consumer in gaining knowledge about how income from employment may affect:

Social Security Disability Insurance

Supplemental Security Income



Other Benefits


indiGO provides a selection of services related to Accessibility in the Independent Living sector.

Provides information & referral about a building’s accessibility guidelines for public and private homes & businesses.

Young Woman with Vision Impairment sits and reads with braille text

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