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CENTER FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING ‑ The term “center for independent living” means a consumer‑controlled, community‑based, cross‑disability, nonresidential private nonprofit agency that is designed and operated within a local community by individuals with disabilities and provides an array of independent living services.


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Public Access to Our Resource Folder

In the following link, you can access our company resource folder containing resources in many areas.  This list may not include all available resources and is maintained as best possible.  Should you notice any incorrect resources, would like to add more resources, or need assistance accessing these resources please contact us at or call us at 800-924-1220 V/TTY.

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SPIRIT Club- Fitness for All

Classes are taught by multiple trainers leading different versions of each exercise, making them universally designed as they allow people of widely differing ability levels to all participate together (preview HERE). Offerings include Fitness, Yoga, Zumba, Boxing, Meditation, & Healthy Cooking, available to be viewed both LIVE and ON-DEMAND.


Virtual Calming Zone

Sometimes life gets challenging or overwhelming. In an effort to help students and staff explore strategies to deal with those challenges we have created this space A Virtual Calming Zone.
Here are some resources to help you find new ways to manage life and regulate your emotions.

Mobility Loss Puts Older Adults at Risk: Research Shows Exercise Can Help

Exercises for Seniors to Help Improve Balance & Strength

Exercises for Seniors to Help Improve Balance & Strength


Helpful Bathroom Accessories and Remodel Ideas for Seniors and People With Disabilities

Accessibility options in the day-to-day lives of people with disabilities are so important that they are actually designated as a human right by the United Nations. Often, the discourse regarding disability accommodations centers around accessibility in the public sphere, such as in school or the workplace. However, the area in which accessibility is most vital is actually in the homes of people who live with disabilities.

Internet Navigation for Individuals with Low Vision or Blindness

Visual impairment can make navigating the internet a challenge, but it is far from impossible.

Many computers come with built-in tools you can use to interact with the web. Adding elements to your computer can help you do even more. And web designers use techniques to make some sites more accessible for people with vision loss.

Community Resources

Please contact us and we can help guide you to many community resources including:

  • Area Support Groups
  • Area Advocacy Groups
  • Housing, Assistive Technology
  • Disability Awareness
  • Advocacy and Rights
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Recreational Resources
  • Communication Resources, and more

Wisconsin Parkinson Association 

Whether it’s yours, or that of your spouse, parent, or loved one, a new diagnosis can be scary.

Wisconsin Parkinson Association is here to walk with you on this journey. WPA exists to provide hope, community, support, and resources for you and your loved ones.

Parkinson’s disease affects about 1 in 100 Americans over the age of sixty years. The average age of onset is about sixty. Parkinson’s will not shorten your life, but there is currently no cure. After receiving a Parkinson’s diagnosis, you can continue to live a full and happy life. Self-education, appropriate treatments, and support from loved ones are crucial.

Read more below about Parkinson’s, and explore the other resources WPA has to offer. Ask questions and learn as much as you can. With WPA, you will find a community of support.

We are here for you!

Resource Guides


Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive cancer caused by asbestos. It forms when sharp, loose asbestos fibers become lodged in the lining of either the lungs or abdomen. These fibers irritate tissue, which becomes diseased. Most patients live for around one year after diagnosis, but treatment can prolong survival. Get Your Free Mesothelioma Guide! Your complete guide to fighting mesothelioma is one click away.

Cerebral Palsy Research Network

CPRN has resource materials, such as the Diagnosis Toolkit and Wellbeing Guide, available for download. CPRN also encourages community involvement and has created a platform for not only children and adults with CP, but for parents/caregivers, providers, researchers, and clinicians as well with MyCP. Lastly, the founders of CPRN, Paul Gross and Michele Shusterman, are the parents of children with CP and fully understand the importance of accessing information and having community support. 

Our Toolkits


Scholarship Opportunities 

EMPOWER Scholarships

  • The EMPOWER Scholarship, administered by Courage Kenny Foundation, encourages and supports ethnically diverse students who are pursuing a career in the medical or rehabilitation field.

    The scholarship is made possible by a generous gift from the David M. Hersey Endowment Fund of the Courage Kenny Foundation.

    Applicants must identify how they will use their education and training and demonstrate their interest in rehabilitation. Selection is based on the applicant’s stated intentions, past achievements, need, and graduation ranking.




Broadband Search

With the current pandemic, reliable and fast internet access is in huge demand and we’ve put thousands of hours into our extensive research. They rank internet providers by the amount of coverage they provide in the area and these rankings are completely unbiased.

Home Security: Keeping Seniors Safe at Home

There are many different options available when deciding what type of home security system consumers should get to ensure a senior loved one is safe. Determining what methods of security would be best for a senior’s specific situation is the first step to deciding what products to purchase that will give caregivers peace of mind and help them relax knowing their loved one is protected in his or her home.

Transition Resources for Students with Disabilities

  • A list of resources for parents of and students with disabilities.  This resource will assist you in planning for transitioning out of high school and the agencies that can assist you.  In addition, a transition road map to help you on your way!

       CESA 12 Transition Resources


Are You Prepared to Vote?

Here is some useful information for Wisconsin voters.

Are you registered to vote? Find out if you are here:

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Some areas offer early voting. Find out if your town offers early voting, contact your municipal clerk, see:

Concerned if your polling place is accessible? Find out more at the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition:

Have questions about voting? Contact the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition at 1-844-347-8683