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A Note from the Executive Director

A Note from the Executive Director

April 15, 2022

Hello from indiGO! I am thrilled to share these words with you and all the meaning behind this. On March 22nd, 1988 North Country Independent Living became incorporated and began the good work that continues today. On March 22nd of this year, North Country Independent Living officially became indiGO. We wanted to honor the past and carry on with all the good work that has been done with the same spirit and some new energy going forward.

The GO in our name embodies this spirit and energy we have for empowering individuals with disabilities to thrive. As well for the Independent Living Movement and indiGO to continue thriving. We will continue to thrive by working collectively and collaboratively with you in the communities we serve.

We will continue to seek opportunities for growth and look forward to seeing where this brings us in the years ahead. We have much to do and look forward to sharing and celebrating all of it with you. This means you can expect more to come from us in 2022. For now, please take note of our new email addresses, website, and of course logo.

As you may know, our former email and web addresses are being forwarded to our new addresses. Please reach out to me with any questions.


As always thank you for your on-GOing support and kindness!

Jill Nyberg

Executive Director, indiGO

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