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Integrated Employment

Integrated Employment

December 4, 2021

Are you looking for integrated employment in your community? Needing some help on your resume? Need some assistance in building up your interview skills? Are you receiving Social Security Benefits and are unsure how working might affect those benefits? indiGO can help with all of those things.

Our Integrated Employment and Benefits Specialist will work with you on understanding key soft employment skills, and self-advocacy skills in understanding what possible accommodation you might need to best succeed in your future employment.

If you receive Social Security benefits our Benefits Specialist will review what you are
currently earning and will write up a report and talk through the report with you to help you better understand your benefits.

Please contact our Integrated Employment & Benefits Specialist, Emma Duchrow by email at:, or
by phone (call or text) at 715-969-6749 (711 Relay), and she can help you start your new journey to employment!

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